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Cluster status Page

This page shows

  • how the remote execution cluster is set up
  • what version of EngFlow it is currently running
  • what instances are currently up and running in the cluster
  • the current license's validity
  • a changelog of all versions of the software.


  • Make build maintainers and engineers aware of recent changes in the software.
  • Allow build maintainers to quickly visualize how many instances are currently running in the cluster.
  • Make build maintainers aware of the license expiration, so they can reach out to EngFlow for renewal or any related question.
  • Allow build maintainers to understand the current setup of the cluster and find out if it may be causing issues or if it can be tweaked to improve performances.
  • Allow build maintainers to detect what features are enabled on the cluster.

Known Issues

  • The options listed on the Options pane all come from the same instance, which is the scheduler that is generating the report. As such they do not reflect the setup of workers or any other instance type.
  • The request does not stick to a specific instance of the scheduler and as such the report used by this page can be generated by different schedulers every time it is refreshed.