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Network Traffic

This document describes the expected incoming and outgoing traffic for each EngFlow Remote Execution cluster. In addition, actions may perform (or attempt to perform) network access, see the --docker_allow_network_access and --sandbox_allow_network_access options as well as the dockerNetwork and sandboxNetwork platform options.

Protocol Port Direction Purpose
TCP --private_port Instance-Instance Internal gRPC calls
TCP --private_port Infrastructure-Instance Health checks (if configured)
TCP --private_port + 1000 Scheduler-Scheduler Internal scheduler coordination (not gRPC)
TCP --private_port + 2000 Instance-Instance Internal CAS coordination (not gRPC)
TCP --public_port External-Scheduler Remote Execution API calls to the cluster
TCP --public_port Infrastructure-Scheduler Health checks (if configured)
TCP --monitoring_prometheus_port External-Instance Prometheus monitoring (if configured)
TCP 443 (HTTPS) Instance-Infrastructure Instance discovery (GCP/AWS/K8s, if configured)
TCP 443 (HTTPS) Instance-Infrastructure Backup storage (GCP/AWS, if configured)
TCP 443 (HTTPS) Instance-Internet Docker image fetching (if configured)