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Set up EngFlow

Follow the guidance below to set up EngFlow before building the example project.

Once you've completed building the example project successfully, see the Set up your project page to begin building your own project with EngFlow.

Try MyEngFlow

Use MyEngFlow to run EngFlow locally in a Docker container. This lets you explore Remote Caching and our Build and Test UI, without Remote Execution.

If you encounter any problems, we're here to help troubleshoot. Just click on the Get In Touch button in the upper right-hand corner of the MyEngFlow page.

Confirm whether you already have access to EngFlow

If your organization is already an EngFlow customer, you're already ready to build the example project using EngFlow.

Reach out within your organization to receive the EngFlow cluster information and for assistance with any problems.

Request a trial

Want to check out what it's like to build using a full EngFlow instance? Visit our Demo page and click the Request Trial button! While waiting to receive the trial details, you can follow the steps to prepare your environment for the example project.

Once you receive the trial information, try to build the example project. If you have any problems or questions, reach out to your Sales Engineer or Developer Support Engineer.