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EngFlow's solutions keep engineers in flow by reducing the amount of time spent building and testing code and increasing visibility into your codebase.

Remote Execution

Speed up your builds with remote execution, remote persistent workers, remote caching, and autoscaling.

Eliminate maintenance overhead with our fully managed remote execution service in the cloud of your choice.

We support all clients that implement the open-source Remote Execution API, including Bazel, BuildStream, Goma Server, Pants, Please, Recc, and Soong.

Contact us for a custom quote.

Build and Test UI

If you're running Bazel or other build tools locally, your build and test results are usually output to your console. EngFlow's Build and Test UI lets you:

  • find out why your builds and tests fail,
  • share your build and test results with others for debugging,
  • review historical data to discover trends,
  • and analyze your runs to optimize your builds and tests.

See the Build and Test UI documentation for details.

Bazel Invocation Analyzer

The Bazel Invocation Analyzer is an open-source tool to help build maintainers identify problems in their builds and tests.

It is offered as a standalone webapp and a GitHub repo that can be run as a CLI or integrated into your own projects.

See the Bazel Invocation Analyzer documentation for details.