First-Time Setup

Steps to configure Chromium (Goma) builds.

Following the steps below will:

  1. Ensure you can build Chromium locally with goma.
  2. Make your Chromium build hermetic (required for remote execution).
  3. Ensure you can build Chromium remotely with the EngFlow remote execution cluster.

We cannot predict precisely how your existing setup works. This guidance focuses on targeting upstream Chromium builds; you will need to customize this to fit into your workflows.

Starting assumptions

  1. You are following this guide on a fresh workstation.

(one-time) Set up your environment for local builds

  1. Install Python 3.
  2. Follow the Linux build instructions: System Requirements > Install > Get the code

Ensure that:

Your workstation has python 3.x

$ python --version
Python 3.10.4

Tools are on your PATH

$ which gn

$ which autoninja