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Instructions on how to use and run the Bazel Invocation Analyzer GitHub repository.

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Bazel Invocation Analyzer

The Bazel Invocation Analyzer is a library and terminal tool developed by EngFlow. It analyzes an invocation’s Bazel profile and provides suggestions on how to speed up that invocation.


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You can also view this tool’s documentation on


Bazel version 4.0+


The Bazel Invocation Analyzer can be run in a terminal. In this mode it will print out the analysis results directly to the console.


Pass in the path of a Bazel profile on your filesystem as the first argument. Use -h or --help to show all the available options.

bazel run //cli -- /path/to/bazel_profile.json.gz


The Bazel Invocation Analyzer can be integrated into other environments.

Public Web UIs

On you can upload a Bazel profile to receive a rendered version of the library’s output.


We welcome contributions from the community. Read our guide to contributing for details.