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Flaky Targets Page


This feature is experimental. It may be incomplete or unstable, and may be removed in the future.


This feature may not be enabled on your cluster by default, please reach out to us if you would like to use it.

This page shows a list of targets that are considered flaky. Flaky targets are test targets that have failed intermittently over multiple builds.

The targets are ordered by a "flaky score", the higher the score the flakier the target is. This score is computed from its previous value combined with the last observed failure.


  • Allow build maintainers to easily identify the causes of instability of a flaky build.
  • Allow build maintainers to easily identify build regressions caused by flaky targets.

Known Issues

  • If a flaky target disappears from the invocations then its score will never change, as the score is currently updated on each invocation and does not take into account the actual time passed between the last failure and the moment a user is using this page.
  • Some tests that may fail for legitimate reasons (such as tests during CI builds) may be incorrectly identified as flaky and will be displayed here.