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Kubernetes (k8s)

Setup and use a Remote Execution cluster on Kubernetes

See files under ./engflow-remote-execution/setup/k8s. The deployment employs Kustomization.

Deploying to k8s

  1. Choose a deployment mode (see subdirectories in overlays/)

    • on-prem: template for your custom k8s deployment on-prem or in-cloud (e.g. GKE, EKS) you can use as a starting point
    • minikube: for local testing on minikube
  2. Customize the overlay’s kustomization.yaml, engflow-re.yaml, and config as needed.

    Notably, this is where you set a namespace.

    See the inline comments in these files.

  3. Copy your license into the overlay’s directory

    Use the name license for it.

  4. Optional: use your own TLS key pair

    1. Uncomment the TLS-specific part in the overlay’s kustomization.yaml

    2. Copy your certificate and key into the overlay’s directory as key.crt and key.tls.

  5. Optional: do a dry run (print final yaml)

    kubectl kustomize engflow-remote-execution/setup/k8s/overlays/<OVERLAY_NAME>
  6. Deploy:

    kubectl apply -k engflow-remote-execution/setup/k8s/overlays/<OVERLAY_NAME>
Last modified 2021-08-30